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Villa Ostria


The island group is southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. The inhabited Pano Koufonissi is separated from Kato Koufonissi by a 200 – meter wide strait.

The island has the largest fishing fleet in Greece in proportion to its population. Because of its size and the absence of steep hills, the island can be explored on foot with ease.

The aquamarine water and total lack of rocks in the sea make you feel that there are huge pools waiting for you. On the south side of the island all the way to the east side there are sandy beaches with waters deepening very gradually, which makes them perfectly safe especially for children who love them and spend hours in the water, so parents can also enjoy their swim.

There are transport links by ferry to Piraeus year round, while daily services to the other islands are carried out by the legendary Skopelitis, which sails from Amorgos to Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Naxos and back again every day.
Apart from the regular services there is the taxi boat, which meets all emergency transport needs to Naxos and the surrounding islands.

On the islands south coast stretch, from Pariano on the west side to Pori on the east side, the beaches are fascinating. Crescents of golden sand interchange with wild looking caves that the tide has carved into the rocks.
In general terms, the further east you go the better the beaches are – and the denser the greenery comparatively is.
Bear in mind that the seaside road, in practice, has proved to be longer that it appears to be on the map but it definitely is a more beautiful road than the one that runs through the island. Beside the pathway you will find “ammothines” (small hills of sand where very rare flowers with white lilies grow), that you can only find in the Cyclades.
Also, in Pano(Upper) Koufonisi, look for the “Pool” which is a stone tank filled with seawater that will offer you a memorable swimming experience.